Asus presents three external slim optical drives

ASUS continues to lead in high performance optical storage devices with a full range of top quality products, from mainstay DVD-RW drives to Blu-ray Disc combos that have become the standard for high-end professional storage environments. Powered by USB 2.0 connectivity, the new ASUS SBC-06D1S-U and the ASUS SDR-08D1-U slim-type external optical disc drives are designed to provide optimized reading and writing capabilities. Both are tailored to discerning users keen on award-winning design, meticulous craftsmanship, enhanced multimedia capabilities and environmentally-savvy operation.

Built to Thrill—Acclaimed Design and Enhanced User Experience

ASUS external slim drives are recognized worldwide for outstanding functionality and fetching looks. The SBC-06D1S-U sports the same progressive design philosophy that has garnered the company’s range of optical drives prestigious accolades, including the iF Design Award 2010, the Taiwan Good Design Product Award and the Taiwan Excellence Award.


ASUS brings together technology and aesthetics in a single product: sturdy construction meets innovative, diamond-cut shapes and the benefit of a classic stand design. As a result, convenient dual placement options help users save space while lending considerable style and sophistication to any work environment. The new drive even offers ASUS’ BluTuner, allowing for five levels of display brightness while reading Blu-ray discs or reading and writing DVD and CD media. These touches complete the exquisite experience provided users, whether at home, the office or on the move.

ASUS SBC-06D1S-U—Fastest Speeds and Innovative Video Enhancement

The ASUS SBC-06D1S-U external slim-type optical disc drive performs at six times the standard Blu-ray reading speed. It features True Theater High Definition (TTHD) technology, a pioneering suite of advanced video enhancements that delivers unmatched HD quality for DVD playback on PC-based home theater systems. The result is sharper video, significant decrease in background noise, and enhanced aliasing for a smoother image.


The ASUS SBC-06D1S-U also comes with the peace of mind afforded by comprehensive and flexible data protection. Disc encryption allows users to protect an entire disc or even individual files with a pre-determined password. Additionally, users can choose to hide files to prevent data from being tampered with.

The intuitive drag and burn interface that accompanies the new drive takes the hassle out of data backup and media storage. Extremely easy to pick up and use, the interface reduces what would traditionally be a six-step process down to just three easy steps.

ASUS SDR-08D1-U—Extreme Mobility and Environmental Awareness

The ASUS SDR-08D1-U presents an industry-leading slim design, offering advanced portability to users. The ergonomic top-loading design, inspired by turntables, constitutes a true space-saving piece of art. At the same time, functionality remains center stage, as the SDR-08D1-U keeps enhanced multimedia entertainment from coming at the cost of a huge power bill. It does so by utilizing the E-Green engine, which automatically shuts down drive activity when users leave the drive idle for two minutes or more. This saves energy and at the same time cuts on wear and tear, so consumers get a longer-lasting, peak performance product. Users can even track power savings via the included E-Green application.

The ASUS SDR-08D1-U also comes with the E-Media software routine, which boosts reading and copying performance. E-Media automatically detects the user’s needs based on the in-drive media, optimizing performance for each given task. Users thus benefit from significantly reduced spinning noise as well as faster copy speeds.


Model SBC-06D1S-U SDR-08B1-U SDRW-08D1S-U
Read Speed • BD-ROM/R/RE(SL)(DL): 6X • DVD-ROM: 8X • DVD-ROM (SL)(DL): 8X
• DVD-ROM (SL)(DL): 8X • DVD-ROM (DL): 6X • DVD±R: 8X
• DVD±R: 8X • DVD±R: 8X • DVD±RW: 8X
• DVD±RW: 8X • DVD±R (DL): 6X • DVD±R(DL): 6X
• DVD±R(DL): 6X • DVD±RW: 6X • CD-ROM/R/RW: 24X
• CD-ROM/R/RW: 24X • CD-ROM/R/RW: 24X • DVD-RAM: 5X
• DVD-RAM: 5X • DVD video playback: 4X • DVD video playback: 4x
• BDMV playback: 4x • VCD playback: 10X • VCD playback: 10x
• DVD video playback: 4x • Audio CD playback: 10X • Audio CD playback: 10x
• VCD playback: 10x
• Audio CD playback: 10x
Write Speed • DVD±R(SL): 8X • DVD±R(SL): 8X
• DVD-RW: 6X • DVD+RW: 8X
• DVD+RW: 8X • DVD-RW: 6X
• DVD±R (DL): 4X • DVD±R (DL): 6X
• CD-R: 24X • CD-R: 24X
• CD-RW: 16X • CD-RW: 16X
Access Time • BD-ROM:240ms • DVD:180ms • DVD:160ms
• DVD:160ms • CD:180ms • CD:140ms
• CD:160ms
Disc Formats Audio CD, VCD, CD-I, CD-Extra, Photo CD, CD-text, CD-ROM/XA, Multi-session CD, DVD Video Audio CD, VCD, CD-I, CD-Extra, Photo CD, CD-text, CD-ROM/XA, Multi-session CD, DVD Video Audio CD, VCD, CD-I, CD-Extra, Photo CD, CD-text, CD-ROM/XA, Multi-session CD, DVD Video
Disc Diameters 12cm and 8cm 12cm and 8cm 12cm and 8cm
O/S Compatibility Windows® 7 / Vista / XP Windows® 7 / Vista / XP Windows® 7 / Vista / XP
Color Black Black / white Black / white
Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Data Buffer 2MB 198 KB 1MB
Mounting Orientation Vertical and horizontal (+5° ~ -5°) Horizontal (+10° ~ ‐10°) Vertical and horizontal (+5° ~ -5°)
Dimensions (L/W/H) 157 x 142 x21 mm 140 x 140 x20 mm 157 x 142 x21 mm
Weight 412g (435g with stand) 230g 412g (435gwith stand)
Electrical and Environmental Specifications
Power Requirement USB +5V ± 5% USB +5V ± 5% USB +5V ± 5%
Temperature • Operating: 5゚C to 40゚C • Operating: 5゚C to 35゚C • Operating: 5゚C to 40゚C
• Storage: -30゚C to 60゚C • Storage: -30゚C to 60゚C • Storage: -30゚C to 60゚C