New Radeon R9 390X specs leaked

The Radeon R9 390X saga has continued once again with more news and specs of the card, this time coming from none other but AMD – the US chip company has provided its partners with a presentation that sheds some more light on the upcoming high-end graphics card.

So what do we have here? According to AMD’s presentation the Radeon R9 390X will have 4096 stream processors on a more advanced Graphics Core Next architecture. As expected the GPU in the card will be fed by HBM memory but there’s more – the HBM memory will sport a 4096-bit bus and there will be 8 GB of memory. The stream processors will run at 1050 MHz while the HBM memory will operate at 1250 MHz but given the effective clock speed, which we expect to be 5000 MHz and the ultra-wide 4096-bit bus, the final memory bandwidth will be much, much higher than what modern video cards can provide and more specifically the Radeon R9 290X, which has a 512-bit memory bus. Despite all these tech advancements the Radeon R9 390X will come with the same 6-pin and 8-pin power connectors as in the previous generation. AMD expects the new flagship video card to be about 70 per cent faster than the R9 290X and to offer single-precision floating point performance of 8.6 TFLOPS.

As a final note it seems that there will be two versions of the R9 390X – the first one will use air cooling with “regular” clock speeds, while the second version will use water cooling, hence the WCE abbreviation. The latter video card will likely sport high clock speeds and unrivalled performance in its class.