Microsoft makes Windows 10 free for insiders

Microsoft makes Windows 10 free for insiders

Microsoft has shared some great news for people who run early versions of Windows 10 – perhaps as a sign of gratitude the US software giant will make Windows 10 free for Windows 10 insiders.

To make it simple for you we will just say that anyone who is now using a Windows 10 Preview build will get a direct upgrade to the final release of Windows 10 and that this copy will remain legal indefinitely even if you perform a clean install later. The only requirement is that as part of the Insider program your Preview build must be connected to a Microsoft account so that the final copy of Windows 10 can be associated with this account.

Online sources also claim that Microsoft will release just two remaining builds before the final version ships on July 29 but OEM manufacturers will get the final version of Windows 10 two weeks earlier since they have to prepare for the new OS. Just like before – users of genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will have the chance to get Windows 10 for free for 1 year after the launch date of the new OS – a clear sign that Microsoft wants everyone on the Windows 10 platform as soon as possible.


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